Google Penguin 2 is rolled out and within 24 hours, the list of a few websites who have lost badly in the battle to save their rankings is out! The common categories being hit include game sites, porn sites, and some of the big brands like, CheapOair, and the Salvation Army.

SearchMetrics was keeping an eye on the sites that have been affected the most and has shared the initial results. The firm has used "SEO Visibility" benchmark that considers the visibility of the company's web pages on different keywords in search results.

Out of the 25 affected sites, 8 are porn sites and 4 are game sites. While some of the well-known brands hit by the update have been in the business for years and others have an online reputation.

The SEO visibility column on the right shows the SEO Visibility each website has lost for certain keywords that are being tracked by SearchMetrics. However, there are chances of listed websites not experiencing dramatic traffic loss if they have high visibility for other keywords not being tracked by SearchMetrics.


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