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Day 2 Keynote – Search Marketers Are The Trailblazers In The Emerging Martech Era


1. Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)


1. Chris Sherman (@CJSherman)

Search marketers will, according to Brinker, “inherit the earth, or at least martech.”

The originator of the infamous martech infographics reviews how the original versions from 2011 listed several hundred logos, while the 2014 version had 1,000 logos of distinct marketing technology companies; the 2015 version had close to 2,000; and the 2017 version has more than 5,000, despite the constant assurances of pundits and media that, like with the “death” of SEO, the martech space would consolidate.

Day 2 – Artificial Intelligence Ain’t Art


1. Elizabeth Clark (@dreamagility)

2. Annie Cushing (@AnnieCushing)

3. Merry Morud (@MerryMorud)


1. Michelle Robbins (@MichelleRobbins)

With artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, business automation, creative scripting, chatbots and other cutting-edge technologies, the role of the modern search marketer changes as rapidly as the advancements in marketing technology happen.

Day 2 – Marketing Partners: Essential Allies or Necessary Frenemies?


1. Julie Collins (@jknob8)

2. Kevin Mullett (@kmullett)

3. Amy Shipman (@amykayaks)


1. Chris Sherman (@CJSherman)

Collins explains that as VP of Integrated Brand Marketing at financial giant Morgan Stanley, her team is less interested in brand building and more interested in lead generation for a network of 15,000 local financial advisors – essentially franchisees – working out of regional Morgan Stanley offices.

Day 1 Keynote – Google Unveils New Online-To-Offline Ads Innovations

Speaker: Kishore Kanakamedala (@Google)

The director of product management for online-to-offline (o2o) solutions, Kishore Kanakamedala, livestreamed at 8:15 a.m. from SMX East in New York on Tuesday morning by discussing some of the changing trends for retailers and then highlighted some of the new and upcoming tools that will be available for local search marketing.

Kanakamedala said “mobile is now the anchor of the customer journey” and cited Google research showing that mobile ads generate 160% more incremental store visits compared to desktop and tablet.

The much – awaited Search Marketing Expo – SMX East 2017 is just round the corner. There is much hype created around it, and the attendees will get to know in just under a month that it was all worth it. The organizers are getting loads of new content comprising of the latest techniques, tends, and tactics in the search engine marketing world.