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Google has introduced new mobile search ad formats, that will be beneficial for businesses in the present smartphone driven market. The basic thought behind this is the integration of search ads with mobile apps. Google announced these new opportunities, as well as mobile-friendly ad related information along with the choice before the advertisers to send users to deep links inside an installed app. More importantly, physical proximity or closeness/ nearness to the searcher will affect the ranking of the site.

The New Google App Extensions:

Custom Search Ads for apps. When people will search within a mobile aap, then these ads will provide useful and relevant answers. With custom search ads the app developers get a chance to generate more funds.

As Google says, “Many people use Google to search for information about mobile apps. This ad format helps consumers right when they’re searching for information about an app, linking them directly to the App Store or Android Marketplace to download. We’ve recently enabled app developers to include app icons and information about the app in their ad unit so that people can make more informed decisions about whether they want to download the app.”

So, there is now the facility to directly send mobile searchers to deep link in your app, and then there are the ad ‘circulars’ where you can send the information about any ad from the desktop to your mobile phone. Here is a video to understand better:

How this helps the advertisers?

Google is about to launch a limited public beta of “AdWords for Video”, a step that is likely to help it unify its advertising interfaces.

The “AdWords for Video” comprises four “TrueView” video ad formats, with an advertiser being liable to pay when a visitor starts or views his video. The launch of this service combines video advertising, which was previously specific to, with the AdWords interface.

AdWords Interface

The ad formats to be used in “AdWords for Video” will include TrueView in-display, TrueView in-stream, TrueView in-slate and TrueView in-search.

  • TrueView in-display (which resembles the Click-to-Play format) ads are present in the Google Display network.
  • TrueView in-stream are the ones appearing on short or long-form YouTube videos as a pre or mid roll.